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Shaira Star is an appointment only salon. To ensure the salon operates smoothly & efficiently, we ask that you please consider the following terms & conditions of Shaira Star. When you make an appointment with us, you agree to our terms & conditions.

Bookings / Reschedules / Cancellations

  1. We kindly ask a minimum of 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling your appointment. If there are no-shows, cancel or reschedul your appointment within 24 hours, please understand that the full-service fee will be still applied.
  2. Please understand that if you continuously give us less than 24-hour notice, or a no show to your appointments, you will be required to pay upfront for your future bookings on our service.
  3. Prior to your appointment, please note to not wear any makeup to the areas of treatment.
  4. For the new customers booking their first service, we will like to ask a 50% deposit of the booked service via Pay Pal. If you contact us more than 24-hours prior to your appointment, regards to the cancellation of your booking, deposits are refundable.
  5. If you have any ongoing medical conditions or currently on any medications, please contact us on 07 4031 0288.

Arriving to your appointment

  1. We would kindly like to ask you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment. Bathroom is available at our facility, if you require to remove your make-up prior to the appointment.
  2. To enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, we kindly ask you to switch your mobile phone on silent or vibrate while at the salon.
  3. Please discuss with us prior to your appointment if there is a circumstance on bringing your children to the appointment. There have been fatal accidents in the past at other beauty salons in Australia, where chemicals and machines in the salon has caused harm to a small child when left unattended.Our staff are not able to supervise your children at the salon. We kindly ask to not to arrive with your children to the appointment, as you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.



Prior to the appointment for eyelash extensions, we recommend you to arrive without any eye makeup including mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, glitter and etc to give you the maximum result. We also recommend avoiding getting your eyelashes wet post eyelash extension service for at least 6 hours. If you do not have enough time to remove your make up, we have make up removers at the salon, please feel free to use them.

Treatment issue policy, unsatisfaction or refund

If for any reason you experience issues or problems regards to a treatment, we are more than happy to provide a complimentary follow-up consultation to repair the issue. Depending on the circumstance, the follow-up consultation as mentioned above are complimentary but the repair service may or may not be depending on the situation. If you would like to claim for any issues or unsatisfaction, you must contact us within 48 hours after your appointment.

Please understand that no refunds are offered at our salon.

Infills on someone else’s work

Shaira Star does not service eyelash extension infills from a different artist. If there is a specific reason on wanting infill from Shaira Star and not from the original artist, we are able to offer infills.

Please understand that providing eyelash extension infills originally from another artist takes more time for maintenance and arrangement on your lashes. Hence, we charge extra $15 on top of the infill fee. In some circumstances we may need to remove the original eyelash extensions which lash removal fees will be applicable.

Classic lashes- $25
Hybrid/ Volume lashes $35

Other Policies

  1. If you have any of the following circumstances, we unfortunately decide that you are not suitable to have eyelash extensions due to your safety:
    -Allergies or sensitivities to adhesives, glue, tapes, band aids etc
    -Chemotherapy Treatments within the last 6 months
    -Eye surgery less than 6 months
    -Extremely oily skin/hair (Possibility of eyelash extensions not lasting)
    -Eye Infection/ irritation
    Please contact us on 07 4000 8855 or CONTACT FORM prior to making a booking if any of these conditions correspond with you.
  2. We recommend you maintain your extensions with infills every 2-4 weeks. If longer than 4 weeks, you will need a new full set.
  3. Reactions are unforeseeable and can happen to anyone at any time at no fault of the technician or our product. We cannot offer a refund if this occurs, however we advise you contact us immediately so we can offer you a solution to the condition (e.g. free removal of the extensions). Also see your doctor immediately if you are concerned.