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Permanent makeup may be unsuitable for some people. Please contact us for a consultation.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a special form of makeup that will never wash away or smear. The special techniques are used to implant colour pigments under the skin creating perfect eyebrows, eyeliners or lips. The colour lasts 2-8 years. Permanent makeup is a safe procedure as the pigments used by the technician are FDA* approved and all the implements are used only once and discarded for your protection. You will have adequate consultation time to choose your desired style before a permanent makeup procedure.
*FDA: Food and Drug Administration (USA)

Who benefits from permanent makeup?

  • Busy people who don’t have time to spend on their makeup
  • People who have difficulties with drawing eyebrows and eyeliners
  • Athletes who don’t want to worry about sweating off their makeup
  • Swimmers and divers
  • People who have thinning or sparse eyebrows
  • People who wish to have glamorous eyes

Options for eyebrow permanent makeup

There are two options for eyebrow permanent makeup procedures.

3D Gradation

Traditional method producing a penciled or powdered eyebrow.

3D Strokes

By using the latest technique, individual hairs are drawn onto the skin with ultra precision, creating a completely realistic 3D effect. (Recommended for men and those who have sparse hair.)

Eftpos is accepted. (For credit, Visa, AMEX, JCB or Master)

Pre-procedure information

If you wish to have a permanent makeup treatment, please read the following information carefully. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Permanent makeup procedure and methods

Permanent makeup is a special form of makeup that cannot be washed off by water or perspiration. It uses special techniques to implant the colour pigments into the skin at the depth of 0.2mm with a needle. Fixation of the colour varies depending on the client’s skin type, such as the thickness of cuticle, lymph function and metabolism. It also varies according to the client’s age. In our 20’s, because the skin renews itself every 28 days, the colour lasts for 2-3 years. As this turnover slows with age, the colour lasts even longer in our 30’s, 40’s or over. It is possible that the colour fades slightly faster than normal because of the climate in Cairns where we perspire and enter the water quite often. The colour pigments tend to permeate easily if you have dry skin, however, it does not penetrate oily skin as easily as dry skin. During the procedure, there may be slight bleeding or secretion of body fluid. For your protection, all implements are used only once and then discarded. Please ensure you inform the technician of your current condition before the procedure if you are currently seeing a doctor or taking medications, or if you had a major accident or blood transfusion in the past. A person with an existing medical condition may not be able to have permanent makeup. If you have an allergy, please inform the technician what kind of allergies you have. People who are allergic to metal may develop an allergic reaction to needles resulting in swelling of the treated area. If you have consumed alcohol over the last 24 hours or if you are menstruating, you may experience more pain than usual. A permanent makeup procedure consists of two sessions.


On the first procedure, the technician trims excess eyebrow hair and draws your desired eyebrow shape onto your brows with an eyebrow pencil. In the first session, the colour pigments are implanted into the skin discreetly and all detail work, final color modifications and finishing touches are done in the second session. Even if the initial implanted colour fades considerably after the first session, the colour will be modified in the second session. Or the initial implanted colour may appear darker than desired, but the colour will soften and settle over the next few days. Permanent eyebrow procedure is usually completed in 90 minutes (pre-procedure trim & drawing 30 mins + permanent eyebrow application including calming time 60 mins). During the eyebrow procedure, a “plucking” sensation can be felt because eyebrows are located above the bone of eye socket and nerves are gathered near the epidermis. However, there should be little swelling after the procedure.


If you have eyelash extensions applied, the technician will remove them by using remover before the procedure. You may have eyelash extensions applied again three weeks after the second session. If you are interesting of lower permanent eyeliner, it is recommended that you draw eyeliner prior to the procedure to decide your desired length and thickness. A full line for the lower eyeliner gives you a dramatic look and can sometimes be overpowering. A 1/2 or 1/3 length line from the outer corner of the eye may be applied according to your preference. Permanent eyeliner procedure takes about 60 minutes. If you are getting permanent eyeliner, the level of pain and swelling varies individually. However, swelling of the area is very common and usually occurs for next few days. Please schedule your appointment carefully if you have work or special plans on the next day.

After care

To avoid infection and excessive dryness, please apply the ointment provided by the technician for 3 days after the procedure. (Not required for eyeliners) Avoid alcohol, strenuous activity and sauna for 2-3 days after the procedure. Overly improved blood circulation may cause pain or oozing of the pigment. Avoid applying makeup on the procedure area for 2-3 days after the procedure. Around day 4-5, you will notice some scabs or itching and flaking of excess pigment may occur. To ensure the best result, do not peel or pick at the crust and allow it to heal naturally. Do not expose the area to sun for at least 7 days after the procedure as the skin can be very sensitive to UV. Also avoid swimming in the sea and swimming pool for at least 7 days to avoid infection.


*The second session is included in all treatments.

For first visitor

Eyebrows $590
Upper eyeliner $480
Lower eyeliner $430
Eyebrows & upper eyeliner set $850
Upper & lower eyeliner set $720
Eyebrows & upper and lower eyeliner set $995

Touch-up (from second touch-up)

Eyebrows $285
Upper eyeliner $250
Lower eyeliner $220